Logs for Labour is on again!

Would you like free firewood, or do you have a woodland that needs managing?  The Trust for Oxfordshire’s Environment’s “Logs for Labour” programme aims to promote sustainable use of firewood by running events where volunteers help to manage woodlands in return for logs.  The events run most weekends in the winter, are about 3 hours long, and could involve coppicing hazel, thinning trees or piling up brash.  All you need are sturdy gloves, shoes and a saw (only hand tools are allowed for insurance reasons)… or let us know if your woodland needs the help of volunteers.  Information about forthcoming events is at www.oxonwoodfuel.org.uk/logs-for-labour or ‘like’ www.facebook.com/oxonwood.  Riki Therivel, 01865 243488.


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