Conservation Area

Hanwell Conservation Area
Conservation Area Appraisal June 2007

The Conservation Area Appraisal was published in draft by Cherwell District Council in June 2007. Its purpose is to review and update the conservation area designation as necessary. It was last reviewed in 1995.

As part of the consultation process, the District Council held a public exhibition in Hanwell Village Hall, on the afternoon of 20th June, followed by a public meeting in the evening. Approximately 25 residents attended each of these events. Questionnaires were available requesting comments on the appraisal or the conservation area boundary.

The Appraisal contains an outline of the historical development of the village. There follows an analysis of the established character of the area including its land use, settlement pattern, building types and style, construction materials, features of special interest and means of enclosure.

The Appraisal also contains a Management Plan of proposals for preservation and enhancement of the Conservation Area, justification for the Conservation Area boundary and the effects of Conservation Area designation.

The final version of the Appraisal was approved as planning policy by the Executive of the District Council on 6 August 2007.  Click here for copy