Planned Developments

Planned Developments and Site Proposals

Hanwell Fields 2007
A Planning Application 06/01600/OUT has been submitted to Cherwell District Council to develop the land east of the Warwick Road. This is land north of the newly constructed spine road linking Warwick Road and Southam Road, Banbury.

The application is in outline form and has been made by Persimmon Homes Ltd, Lord De La Warr and Mr & Mrs Donger.  It is for residential development (up to a maximum of 400 dwellings) with associated vehicular access.

Application Refused
The application was refused by the Planning Authority following a successful campaign spearheaded by Hanwell Parish Council incorporating the views of villagers and other interested parties. Read the letters sent on behalf of Hanwell residents from the Parish Council: Letter to Cherwell District Council  opposing Planning Application and sites included in Local Plan.  Covering Letter to Local Councillors

APPEAL Persimmon Homes Ltd, Lord De La Warr and Mr & Mrs Donger have appealed against the refusal of outline planning permission. This means the appeal will be decided at an Inquiry starting on 24th July 2007.  The appeal reference number is:APP/C3105/A/06/2030989

APPEAL REFUSED: 21st November 2007
The Secertary of State dismissed the appeal and refused planning permission.

Parish Council Action
The issue was discussed at the January Parish Council meeting.  It was decided that our strategy should be to seek advice from professionals in the field to ascertain how best to protect the interest of Hanwell residents.

After considering several options it was decided that a personal appearance could be made at the Inquiry (with a representative or otherwise) either to represent the views of just Hanwell Parish Council or jointly with other local Parish Councils.

Comments already submitted by individuals or the Parish Council will be forwarded to the Planning Inspectorate.

After careful consideration it was agreed that Hanwell Parish Council would be represented at the Inquiry by Alan Jones. This proved to be a successful strategy as the Inquiry dismissed the planning application. Our grateful thanks to Alan for all his hard work.

Additional Information
See Local Plan for additional development sites that may affect Hanwell village.