Wind Farm

LATEST ! – June 21st 2012: Appeal has been dismissed by the Inspector!
February 2012: Regeneco lodges appeal against this decision.
November 2011: Planning application is refused by Cherwell District Council.

Proposed Ironstone Windfarm by Regeneco
Plans were submitted to Cherwell District Council in September 2011 by Regeneco for a wind monitoring mast on farmland between Hanwell and Shotteswell. See plans online at under application no. 11/01391/F.

At the same time Regeneco announced proposals to build a windfarm of between 5 and 8 large turbines on this land. A windfarm of this scale would be totally out of place in this landscape and would have a devastating impact on Hanwell and other local villages.

A local action group SHAMWAG (Shotteswell, Hanwell and Mollington Windfarm Action Group) has been formed to fight against the windfarm proposals.

Cherwell Planning Committee refused the application for the wind monitoring mast on 1st December 2011 on three basic grounds, namely:

  • Impact on the landscape
  • Impact on biodiversity and hazard to wildlife in the area
  • Hazard to aviation in the area

In February 2012 Regeneco lodged an appeal against the refusal of permission. This was considered by a Government appointed Planning Inspector.

After considering further representations from all parties involved, including Hanwell and Shotteswell Parish Councils, Shamwag action group, Ward councillors and many individuals, the Inspector has now dismissed the appeal (letter dated 21 June 2012) so that the refusal of permission by Cherwell will stand.

On the three grounds for refusal, the Inspector was not convinced that significant harm would be caused to the landscape or to the wildlife in the area, but decided that there were clear issues with the airfield at Shotteswell which Regeneco had not resolved. So he determined that overall the application should still be refused. Whether Regeneco feel that the windfarm project is worth pursuing after this major setback remains to be seen.

If you would like further information about the local campaign please email to or contact Jane Winter on 01295 738132.