St Peter’s Church

St Peter's Church, HanwellInformation about when and where Church Services are can be found on the Ironstone Churches website.

The twelfth century church of St Peter, Hanwell lies some three miles to the north of the market town of Banbury, surrounded by the beautiful North Oxfordshire countryside.

The Rector is the Reverend Doctor John Reader, telephone 730344. The churchwarden on 730314 can also advise.

Friends of Hanwell Church
While many of us in Hanwell do not attend the church regularly, there remains a very pressing need to safeguard the church itself. I want very much to encourage a committed group – FRIENDS OF HANWELL CHURCH.

Among many things, the role of this group would be to help with fundraising-something that will become more and more important in the near future – and also to form working parties from time to time to carry out easy but essential maintenance. There are many tasks which fall into this workbasket, but they will include clearing the land gullies, using ladders to clear out gutters and downpipes (inefficient or blocked rainwater systems are the biggest enemy of old church buildings), and where possible, painting of said rainwater systems. Those who wish to preserve the church as a valuable feature of the village will soon find significant satisfaction in helping in this way. What is quite clear is that the churchwarden cannot possibly do all that is necessary and that importing outside commercial ‘labour’ to do the essential tasks – which we could easily do ourselves – would very soon exhaust the church’s funds – very soon! The church has just spent some £20k plus on essential fabric repair and is no longer ‘flush with money’ – if it ever was.

Many churches have established such groups and they have helped enormously in the maintenance of their church. We, in Hanwell, are the inheritors of a Grade I listed church, steeped in history and I hope that many of you will agree that its routine maintenance is a task in which we can all assist.

If you are willing to commit to being a Friend of Hanwell Church, please inform the PCC Secretary – Philip Ledger on 738174– so that when help is needed we know on who to call.

Charles Nixon-Eckersall